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Files Included
  • Documentation - contains this help file.
  • Licensing - contains licensing.
  • - contains plugin files, you have to upload it to your server.
  • ReadMe.txt - short help file.
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and updated in : 15/08/2019

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Install PricingBlock

PricingBlock Requirements

To install and use PricingBlock:

  • You must have an WordPress version 5.0 or later installed on your server.
  • You must have permission to that FTP server to upload your files.
  • You must have administrator privileges to install plugins in WordPress.

Install WordPress

If you have not set up your WordPress installation yet, download the latest WordPress version here:

You can find info on installing WordPress here:

Installing WordPress on your web server is easy. Each web host is different but when you log in to your dashboard there's usually an option that allows you to install WordPress automatically.

you can check this tutorials about install WordPress plugins to help you:

Install PricingBlock

Installation via Plugin Dashboard
  • Extract file.
  • Log into your WP admin and go to Plugins.
  • Go to Plugins → Add New.
  • Click in Upload Plugin button.
  • Select file from PricingBlock directory.
  • Click in Install Now button.
Installation via FTP Client
  • Extract file.
  • Use an FTP client (for example filezilla) to access your host web server.
  • Transfer the pricingblock subdirectory of PricingBlock to your server in the wp-content/plugins/ .
  • Once the plugin is uploaded, Log into your WP admin and go to Plugins.
  • go to plugins list in your WordPress and activate PricingBlock plugin.

Updating PricingBlock

Update via WordPress Dashboard
Updating via FTP Client

Getting Started with PricingBlock

PricingBlock How To's

The new WordPress block editor offers a simple way to add different types of content to your posts and pages.
PricingBlock like any other Gutenberg block it's so easy to use. you can build modren Pricing tabel in just few seconds.
  • Gutenberg

    To add new block to Gutenberg editor you can use the mouse to move to plus icon or just press the tab key on your keyboard to move down and start writing to add Paragraph block. or you can write slash "/" and then write the block name to add a specific block.

    Add new gutenberg block

    Create your First Pricing Table

    To add new pricing tabel with PricingBlock plugin just click on the + icon and choose the "PricingBlock" block.
    Add new pricing table with PricingBlock
    The default plans will be created, now you can edit, sort, remove or add plans.
    Default pricing plans

    To add new plan just click on the + icon in the PricingBlock space "see image below" and choose the "Pricing Plan" block.
    Also you can duplicate plans by Click on the plan you want to duplicate then at the right end of the plan’s navbar, click the three dots then click Duplicate Block.
    This will copy the plan exactly as they are

    Add new plan

    To change settings for all plans just select Pricing Table block by click on the empty space inside Pricing Table block, or easily at the top of page navbar click the Block Navigation "see image below" then select Pricing Block.

    Select Pricing Block

    Now at the right of the page you can see Block Settings.
    Any change here will affect to all plans inside this block.

    also you can change all plans setting separately
    Block Setting

    To change settings for plans separately just click on the plan that you want to edit to activate it.
    Now you can shange anythig you want, like :

    1. Plan Heading: just click on the text and start typing.
    2. Plan Icon: you can select plan icon from right of the page.
    3. Plan Price: just click on the price space then start typing.
    4. Button title and link: ckick on button to start editing button text, and from blick setting at the right of page you can add the button link.
    5. To add features for plan just type it inside the body of the plan then press enter to add another feature.
    Plan Settings


PricingBlock Version 1.0.2
  • Improvements: translation improvements for backend.
  • Improvements: RTL improvements for backend.
  • New Feature: translate to Arabic language.
15 August 2019
PricingBlock Version 1
  • First release!
25 June 2019